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The mission of the International Neuropsychological Society is to promote the international and interdisciplinary study of brain-behavioral relationships throughout the lifespan. The Society's emphasis is on science, education, and the applications of scientific knowledge.

The International Neuropsychological Society was founded in 1967 as a scientific and educational organization dedicated to enhancing communication among the scientific disciplines which contribute to the understanding of brain-behavior relationships. The Society currently has more than 4500 members throughout the world and from various areas of practice.

Membership in the Society includes a subscription to the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, which is published six times a year. The Society holds two meetings per year: the North American meeting is held in February and non-North American meeting is held during the summer months.

Executive Secretary

Gordon J. Chelune, Ph.D. (ABPP-CN)
Professor, Department of Neurology,
The University of Utah School of Medicine

2319 S Foothill Drive, Ste 260
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

Phone: 801-487-0475

International Neuropsychological Society
  •  2319 South Foothill Drive #260  •  Salt Lake City Utah 84109, USA  •  (801) 487-0475