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Citation Guide For JINS Online

How to reference and access articles and abstracts published online for JINS

As you know JINS is published online as well as in hard copy while abstracts from the INS meetings are published online only as a Supplement to JINS. JINS uses American Psychological Association , 5th edition, style of referencing. Articles or abstracts accepted but not yet published would be referenced in the usual manner as “in press”.

Citation of an article published online and assigned to an issue:

Author names (year). Article title. Journal Name , Volume, Page range. DOI: 10.1017/S0000000000000000, htpp://URL The citation requires referencing by DOI number (each article within the issue has a unique DOI number) and a URL for the Issue. You can copy the URL for the particular Issue from your browser to your Word document.

For example, the citation for the first article published in Volume 12, issue 6, 2006 would be : Author names (2006) Article title. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, Volume12, pp 765-773, doi:10.1017/S135561770606111X,

How to use the citation to get to the article of interest:

Copy the URL (from http forward) and paste into your browser. (Note: if the URL has wrapped to two lines, you may have to copy and paste this into a text file or word processor first and eliminate carriage returns before copying and pasting into the browser.) For some titles, you may be prompted to then enter your user id and password before access to the article is given. The URL will get you to the Table of Content of the Issue that includes the article of interest. Clicking on the PDF or HTML will open the article.

Note that you can access articles of interest without knowing the URLs . If you know the Issue number for the article, you can simply click on the Issue which will open the Table of Content that includes the article. If you do not know the issue number , enter the author name or a key word into the search box (right of screen about halfway down).

Citation for abstracts published in an online supplement:

Abstracts from the INS meetings are published in a JINS supplement, online only . They are cited in the following manner

Author Names (Published Online: Date ). Article Title(Abstract). Journal Name, Volume #, Suppl#. DOI:10.1017/S0000000000000000, http://url/

For example, the citation for the abstracts of Boston 2006 Meeting is as follows: Author(s) ( Published Online by Cambridge University Press: 19 May 2006), Article Title(abstract). Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, Volume 12, Supplement S1. DOI: 10.1017/S1355617706069918 ,

How to use the citation to get to the abstracts:

Supplement 1 of a volume includes the abstracts of the US INS meeting that takes place in February and Supplement 2 includes the International INS that takes place in July. A Supplement that contains the meeting abstracts has three documents. The citation requires referencing by DOI and URL. One of the documents with its unique DOI and URL contains Table of Content of the meeting and the Abstracts. You can click on the author(s) or session title in the Table of Content document (but not the index documents) to get to the abstract of interest. Two other documents with their unique DOI and URL provide Key Word and Author access to the abstracts. But only the table of content is linked to the abstracts. In contrast to articles which each have a DOI number and an Issue URL , each of the three documents in the Supplement has one DOI number and one URL. You can copy the URL from your browser for the particular issue. Note that Supplement 2 which includes the Zurich meeting, the Table of Content is not linked to the Abstracts.


You can access JINS regular issues and supplements online for free through your membership to INS. You do have to register on Cambridge website separately , however, as your INS registration will not work on Cambridge’s website. Please read instructions on how to access JINS Online Access Instructions from INS website

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