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INS Committees

The International Neuropsychological Society has several permanent and ad-hoc committees which exist to assist the Board of Governors with Society operations. Members are encouraged to become involved in the Society by serving on these committees. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the committee chairperson.

The Awards Committee


Chair: Robert Heaton, Email:

The Awards Committee was created to recommend current and past members to the Board of Governors for the purpose of recognition of outstanding achievment in areas related to Neuropsychology.

The Continuing Education Committee


Chair: Raul Gonzalez, Email:

The Continuing Education Committee explores options for the content of the continuing education workshops that are offered at both the Annual and Mid-Year meetings of the Society. They work with the American Psychological Association and the American Speech and Hearing Association to maintain approval for the continuing education program.

The International Liaison Committee

Chair: Mariana Cherner, Email:

In late 1994, the INS established the International Liaison Committee (ILC) in an effort to promote increased communication and collaboration among neuropsychologists worldwide. The ILC works exclusively as a broker of information. As such, the Committee addresses some of the obstacles of full participation in scientific and clinical activities that many colleagues face. The ILC provides information on INS and outside programs, many which were designed especially for those from developing regions where resources and contact with other neuropsychologists may be limited. The committee maintains a website Please visit this site for more information.

The Publications Committee


Chair: Sureyya Dikmen, Email:

The Publication Committee oversees all publications that are distributed by INS. These publications include but are not limited to the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, the INSNET and newsletters of the Society.

The Student Liaison Committee (SLC)

Chair: Irene Meier, Email:

The mission of the Students Liaison Committee is to foster the professional development of students of neuropsychological sciences by promoting student contributions to the study of brain-behavioral relationships, addressing the academic and professional needs of students, and encouraging student leadership within the INS. SINS is a student-run organization which was formed in 2010. 

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