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Issue 2 (December 2016)
As we gear up for a new year and start the countdown to the New Orleans conference which will be a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the INS, I am hoping that you will take a couple of minutes to enjoy the contributions put together by your fellow INS members on brain imaging, neuropsychology training and education in Australia, and announcements of future features including a series of clinical cases. In addition, INS members have been given limited access to a special issue of TCN, "International Perspectives on Education, Training, and Practice in Clinical Neuropsychology." I am also hoping that you could take a few minutes to answer some questions as to what you would like to see and how you might like to contribute to future newsletters - this is a newsletter by the members for the members!     
International Neuropsychological Society 
45th Annual Meeting
Binding the Past & Present to Enhance the Future
February 1-4, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

To kick off the 50th Anniversary Year of the INS, we return to New Orleans, Louisiana-the setting of the very first Annual Meeting of INS in 1973. Visit the INS New Orleans 2017 Meeting webpage to see the exciting program and special events, and more!
INS Member Benefit: Access to Special International Perspectives Issue of TCN

From January 16 to February 15, INS members will have free access to the Special Issue on "International Perspectives on Education, Training, and Practice in Clinical Neuropsychology," published by The Clinical Neuropsychologist in November 2016 (Volume 30, Issue 8, pages 1151-1388) and guest-edited by Dr. Christopher Grote. Find out more about this upcoming members-only offer here.
ILC: Education and Training in Australia - from Dr. Catherine Willmott

Whilst there appear to be some similarities between the Australian model for education and training in clinical neuropsychology, and that of our colleagues in the northern hemisphere, the most significant difference is that neuropsychologists in Australia most often do not obtain a qualification in clinical psychology first. Rather there are two distinct training pathways, although with considerable shared course content across the two streams...
Dr. Derin Cobia
INS Newsletter Science Editor,
Dr. Derin Cobia, interviews
Dr. Russ Poldrack

Dr. Derin Cobia highlights the Nature Communication paper (Dec 2015), "Long-term neural and physiological phenotype of a single human," with a personal interview: "Probing the Personal Brain" with Dr. Russ Poldrack from Stanford University. Click here for the INTERVIEW, and see the paper HERE.
Case Study Series
Dr. Margaret O'Connor

Case studies provide distinctive information regarding the biological and psychological substrates of neuropsychological syndromes - information that may be obscured in the context of group investigations.  A detailed and thoughtful discussion of the factors that influence diagnostic formulations and treatment plans can be instructive for our membership - for both senior colleagues and trainees. In the Case Study Series
we present a "soup to nuts" description of individual patients seen in clinic. Click here to read more about the Case Study Series.
Survey: Capturing Changes in Cognition (Catch-Cog)
Drs. Jutten and Sikkes
'Capturing Changes in Cognition' (Catch-Cog) is an international multicenter research project aimed at measuring cognitive and functional decline in MCI and early AD. For this project, we aim to inventory the current use of instruments for the measurement of decline, and their strengths and weaknesses according to neuropychologists. We would therefore like to ask you to take this short  survey (<5 minutes). Click here to complete the survey, or visit
INS Mid-Year Meeting:
Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is excited to be hosting the 2017 INS Mid-Year Congress during INS' 50th Anniversary year. The Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) and the South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association (SACNA) look forward to welcoming you to this historic 50th Anniversary celebration that will take place from 5 to 8 July 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa. Visit the INS Cape Town 2017 website for more!
End of the Year - Tax Deductible Donations to INS
Did you know that INS is a nonprofit 501c3 organization in the USA and, for those who are eligible, donations may be tax deductible? Now is a great time to personally invest in the future of neuropsychology through your donation to the INS Awards Fund or INS Student Activities Fund!  The INS Awards Fund recognizes neuropsychological merit in various fields internationally at our annual and mid-year meetings through monetary awards and travel grants. Your donation to the Student Activities Fund fosters student leadership and student-oriented neuropsychological programs and events at our meetings. See for more information (and thank you!).
Student Liaison Committee (SLC)

Join the INS Student Liaison Committee Listserv for the latest updates on trainee resources, award opportunities, and active dialogue among fellow trainees. Sign-up here: (scroll down to find INSSLC list)
In Memoriam

Dr. James C. Reed passed away on September 25 after a brief illness.  Jim was one of the founders of child neuropsychology working with his brother, Homer, and their mentor Ralph Reitan many years ago.  He was a gifted mathematician and was instrumental in providing the rigorous statistical foundations of the Halstead-Reitan battery.
Dr. Harry van der Vlugt was trained in Clinical and Experimental Psychology at Universiteit Leiden, he also studied with Paul Satz at The University of Florida as a Fellow. He also had a medical degree and practiced in Psychiatric, Neurological, and Pediatric settings. Trained in three essential neuropsychological professional disciplines, he was exceptionally well prepared to build the framework for a new program of excellence at the Tilburg University in 1978, where he was professor of neuropsychology  until his retirement a few years ago.
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