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Research and Editing Consulting Program

The Research and Editing Consulting Program (RECP) is a program of the INS International Liaison Committee (ILC) that is designed to provide English language editing and statistical consulting to international colleagues who wish to publish their research in English language journals.

Research and editing consultants are available to help with research design, methodology and/or statistics, as well as with language editing. Many consultants are multilingual. Consultants volunteer their time, and there is no cost to authors for their services.

In order to acknowledge the consultant's assistance, there are several possible options that can be negotiated between consultants and authors (e.g., co-authorship for significant involvement in the substance of the paper, acknowledgement for less extensive editing or methodological help, etc.).

Authors who wish to take advantage of this program may contact Mary Beth Spitznagel, PhD, via e-mail at To apply to be an RECP consultant, please complete the RECP questionnaire here.

The current roster of RECP Consultants includes:

Andrew Bateman
Mike Sugarman
Shelly Peery
Anita Sohn McCormick
Alexandra Pentaraki
Rachel Fazio
Emily Briceno-Abreu
Pamela May
Carol Armstrong
Jeremy Blank
Christine Salinas
Lauren Rog
Fadi Tayim
Rachel Galioto
Dayana Calvo

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