Available INS Committee Positions

Social Media

The INS Board invites nominations (including self-nominations) for the position of INS Chair of Social Media. We are looking for a person who would lead the INS social media management team. Candidates should:

  1. Be an INS member and have knowledge of the INS.
  2. Have knowledge of social media (Twitter, FB).
  3. Have experience or be ready to work in an international group.
  4. Have creative ideas on how to present INS and neuropsychology in the world on social media.

If you are interested in this INS leadership opportunity, please email Emilia Łojek (emilia@psych.uw.edu.pl) and Julie Bobholtz (JBobholz@MCW.EDU)

INS Chair of Continuing Education

The INS Board invites nominations (including self-nominations) for the position of INS Chair of Continuing Education. Duties include:

Content Development and Delivery:

      1. In conjunction with the INS Continuing Education (CE) Committee, Program Committee Chairs, and INS President, develop current, meaningful and internationally relevant CE content for all annual meetings of the INS.
      2. In collaboration with the JINS Editor-in-Chief and manuscript authors, develops regular JINS Online CE Programs.
      3. In conjunction with the INS Education Committee Chair, review and develop CE content for INS webinar and podcast initiatives.

Content Oversight:

      1. Identify and evaluate topics of CE content for the INS.
      2. Identify and evaluate innovations in CE delivery for adoption at the INS.

Committee Leadership:

      1. Recruitment of CE committee membership.
      2. Regular communication and organization of CE Committee member duties.

Compliance monitoring and maintenance of APA guidelines for CE sponsorship.

This is a 3-year term beginning 02/2021, which will include immediate pre-term overlap with the outgoing CE Chair (Dr. Melissa Lamar) to facilitate a smooth transition.

Please submit: a letter of interest (1-page, describing relevant leadership and education-related experiences) and an updated curriculum vitae by August 15th to Dr. Melissa Lamar (Melissa_Lamar@rush.edu).

Student Liaison Committee



  • Co-Chair


      • Must be located in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, or South America


  • Mid-Year Meeting Program Representative (for Melbourne 2021 Meeting)


    • Must be located in Australia, ideally Melbourne


CO-CHAIR (non-North-American)

  • 1 Position Available
  • 2(+) year term


  • Work closely with North American SLC Co-Chair to direct SLC initiatives and goals
  • Coordinate and oversee international SLC representatives and ongoing activities
  • Liaise with INS Board of Governors throughout the year
  • Compile and present SLC report for Board of Governors meeting during Mid-Year meetings
  • Assist with orientation of new Co-Chair at the end of the 2-year term

Preferable Qualifications:

  • Strong time management, planning, and organizational skills
  • Excellent social and communication skills
  • Previous experience managing multiple ongoing projects/initiatives


MID-YEAR MEETING PROGRAM REPRESENTATIVE (for Melbourne 2021 Meeting) – Has Been Filled.  Thank you for your interest.

  • 1 Position Available
  • 1(+) year term
  • Work with INS Mid-Year Meeting Program Committee Chairs for Melbourne 2021 to:
  • Develop and organize professional development and academic workshops/panels
  • Solicit potential presenters
  • Select student abstracts for awards
  • Plan student social/networking event(s)

Preferable Qualifications:

  • Students with exceptional planning/organizational skills
  • Strong social and communication skills
  • Previous experience in program development or leadership

Student/Associate Members of INS are eligible to apply. Please email the following application materials to Taylor Greif, M.S. (SLC Co-Chair) at insslcapplications@gmail.com:


  • Application Form
  • Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae


      1. Limited to two pages


  • Cover Letter


      1. Describe your qualifications and how you plan to contribute to the goals and mission of the SLC through your desired position


  • Letter(s) of Support


    1. Letter(s) of Support should be provided by a faculty sponsor and INS Regular Member
      1. If faculty sponsor is a Regular Member of INS only one letter is required
    2. Letters of Support should be sent by your sponsor(s) via e-mail to Taylor Greif (insslcapplications@gmail.com)