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Watch Dr. Harvey Levin and Dr. Barbara A. Wilson discuss Their Journey in Neuropsychology2019-08-01T18:07:16+00:00

We’ve just posted two new free videos for you to watch.
  1. Dr. Harvey Levin – Interview by Dr. Abigail B. Sivan
  2. Dr. Barbara A. Wilson – Interview by Dr. Jonathan Evans

Take some time out to watch these and tell us what you think.

Rio 2019 Photo Gallery2019-07-17T00:31:05+00:00

Thank you to all of you who joined us in Rio for the 2019 Mid-Year Meeting.
Browse through the photos to find yourself …

Click HERE or on the image below

Rio 2019 Photo Gallery

Send your photos to ins@the-ins.org
Welcome Summer with Two New Free Videos!2019-07-01T20:02:19+00:00

We’ve just posted two new free videos for you to watch.
  1. Dr. Linas A Bieliauskas – Interview by Dr. Margaret O’Connor
  2. Dr. Jennie Ponsford – Interview by Dr. Roy P.C. Kessels

Take some time out to watch these and tell us what you think.

Watch Dr. Celiane Rey-Casserly interview Dr. Allan Mirsky2019-06-11T16:35:16+00:00
Do You See Yourself in the New York Photo Gallery?2019-03-29T05:25:52+00:00
News & Opportunities – New INS Page2019-03-29T05:25:55+00:00

We are happy to announce a new page for News & Opportunities where we will be posting grant opportunities, educational opportunities, and anything else that may help you as an INS Member.

You can find this page on the INS website by using the menu to navigate to Resources then News & Opportunities or by using this link: https://www.the-ins.org/resources/news-opportunities/

If you have an opportunity that may be of interest to others, please contact us with details at ins@the-ins.org

Additional Publications Now Available – Introducing Neuropsicología Latinoamericana2019-03-29T05:25:57+00:00

Additional Publications

Neuropsicologia Latinoamericana

Click here to visit our new Additional Publications Page with the direct link to Neuropsicologia Latinoamericana

The journal is the official journal of the Latin American Society of Neuropsychology (www.slan.org) and was founded in 2008. It is a scientific publication with three official languages: Spanish, Portuguese and French. Articles are published electronically only. The journal Latin American Neuropsychology works according to the principle of “peer evaluation” and publishes background articles, original research, clinical cases and special issues, in all clinical or scientific fields of Neuropsychology.

La revista Neuropsicología Latinoamericana es la revista oficial de la Sociedad Latinoamericana de Neuropsicología (www.slan.org) y fue fundada en 2008. Se trata de una publicación científica con tres lenguas oficiales: el Español, el Portugués y el Francés. Se publican artículos en forma electrónica únicamente. La revista Neuropsicología Latinoamericana funciona según el principio de “evaluación por pares” y publica artículos de fondo, investigaciones originales, casos clínicos y números especiales, en todos los campos clínicos o científicos de la Neuropsicología.

2019 Board of Governors Election Results2019-03-29T05:26:00+00:00

On behalf of the President and the Board of Governors, it is our pleasure to inform you of the 2019 Board of Governors Election Results for the International Neuropsychological Society. These election terms will formally begin at the end of the INS Meeting on Saturday, February 23, 2019 in New York City. READ MORE HERE…https://www.the-ins.org/current-members/ins-elections/2019-board-of-governors-election-results/
National Association of Psychometrists’ 2015 Salary Survey2019-03-29T05:26:02+00:00

The National Association of Psychometrists’ 2015 Salary Survey has been published by Taylor & Francis.
Click Here for the 2015 professional practices and salary survey of U.S. and Canadian psychometrists.

2019 Membership Dues – Now Online2019-03-29T05:26:05+00:00

Pay your INS membership dues by clicking on the headline.

In recognition of the multinational membership of INS, the Board of Governors approved a new tiered dues structure for based on the World Bank classification of Country Income Groups.

This structure will better take into account the income diversity among INS members, and encourage membership and involvement in emerging areas of the world. For more information, click this link: https://www.the-ins.org/files/dues/Tiered_Dues_Structure_2019.pdf.