Call for Papers

Special Issue of JINS:
Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology

Over the last few decades, cross-cultural neuropsychology, with its origins in anthropology and linguistics, has developed from a niche area of interest to a considerable field of study within neuropsychology. Primary goals within this domain have been aimed at 1) examining how and why cultural and linguistic factors influence neuropsychological test results and 2) determining how best to understand and address these dynamics, which have historically had significant consequences for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds.

The foundations for much of the work being done today have been laid by Alfredo Ardila. He wrote extensively on the cultural values underlying neuropsychological testing, as well as the applicability of specific test elements and strategies of tests developed in Western Europe and North America to populations in other regions of the world. Initial studies mainly focused on capturing how the global diversity in languages, cultures, education, and other considerations, impacts performance on neuropsychological tests—a line of research still fruitful to this day. These studies launched a plethora of new hypotheses about possible underlying mechanisms to explain performance differences on cognitive tests, as well as spurring the development of new testing paradigms, cross-cultural cognitive tests, and guidelines aimed at providing the field with the right tools and inspiration to improve assessment in cross-cultural settings.

Investigators are invited to submit empirical papers for a special issue of JINS to be published in late 2023. The issue will present cutting-edge empirical findings that may guide researchers in new and exciting directions, as well as papers leading the way towards improvements in clinical practice that may directly benefit patients undergoing cross-cultural assessment. Possible topics may include (but are not limited to): the development and validation of neuropsychological measures and norms for culturally, linguistically, and/or educationally diverse populations; studies addressing the impact of diversity in culture, education, language, ethnicity, and/or test-wiseness on cognitive performance measures or diagnosis; neuropsychological assessment strategies in diverse populations (e.g., the use of interpreters, assessment of refugees); minimum standards for training of neuropsychologists across different countries.


Sanne Franzen, PhD
Erasmus MC University Medical Center
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Mathew Staios, MSc
Monash University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

John L. Woodard, PhD
Associate Editor, JINS
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Papers may be submitted at:

Please indicate in your cover letter that your submission is in response to the call for papers for the special issue on
Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology.

Deadline for submission is April 15, 2023