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Spring 2017   
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We are eager to bring you all the latest updates on information, events, and resources from the International Neuropsychology Society.  We hope that you enjoy this issue of the newsletter, and we welcome your input using our online membership feedback survey.
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Table of Contents
Special Features »  
Science in Action: Featuring M. Bondi & E. Edmonds
Clinical Case Series: Autoimmune Encephalopathy
International Liaison Committee: Neuropsychology in South Africa
Education Task Force: Video Archive Project
Student Liaison Committee: Call for Applications
From the Desk of a Past INS President: Kathleen Haaland
Documentary: Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer's Prevention

Meeting Updates »  
2018 North American Meeting: Washington, DC
2017 North American Meeting: New Orleans, Louisiana 
2017 Mid-Year Meeting: Cape Town, South Africa
Other Meetings: Neuropsychology Rehabilitation Workshop

Member Resources  
& Opportunities »
Funding Opportunity: Matthews Fund 
Research Opportunity: A Survey on Sensory Integration 
Call for Nominations: Chair for Continuing Education 
From the Desk of the Executive Director: New Member Benefits 
Position Postings 
Continuing Education
Special FeaturesFeatures
Mark Bondi, PhD
Science in Action 
Improving Diagnostic Classification in MCI
Concerns for age-related illnesses, particularly neurodegenerative disease, continue to grow given a steady rise in the number of individuals living well into their nineties. This is a challenge not only for the medical community, but also for families and caregivers. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is identified as a prodromal or transitory state from normal aging to dementia. Because a diagnosis of MCI has implications for how one is medically managed and treated, proper diagnosis is critically important.

Emily Edmonds, PhD
You can get Dr. Derin Cobia's full interview with Dr. Bondi and Dr. Edmonds by exploring the links below. You can also read Dr. Edmond's articles referenced in the interview.
Read Dr. Cobia's written interview
Listen to Dr. Cobia's audio interview
Dr. Edmond's article in Neurology
Dr. Edmond's article in Alzheimer's & Dementia
Natalie Grima, PhD
Clinical Case Series
Autoimmune Encephalopathy
Identification of a specific diagnosis is the primary goal of most evaluations. In many cases, the task is straightforward: an individual's medical history and findings from the clinical exam illuminate differential diagnoses that make sense and lead to the formulation of a treatment plan. In other instances, identification of etiology "takes a village." The case discussed by Dr. Grima falls in the latter group.

Diagnostic clarity emerges in a piecemeal manner, and involves integrating data from the clinical exam, neurodiagnostic techniques, and information gleaned from a variety of other disciplines.

Read more about Dr. Grima's clinical case study
Ann D. Watts, PhD
International Liaison Committee
Neuropsychology in South Africa
South Africa is a middle-income country with an estimated population of 55.9 million people (Statistics South Africa, 2016). It is characterized by marked socioeconomic, healthcare and educational disparities, as well as cultural and linguistic diversity. As Afro-Caribbean Psychiatrist Frantz Fanon (1986:38) argued, "To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture." South Africa, with its eleven official languages, is then constituted by diverse 'worlds' and cultures, which have influenced the development of psychology and neuropsychology in the country.

Read Dr. Watts' entire article
Margaret O'Connor, PhD

Education Task Force
Video Archive Project
Over the past 50 years the INS leadership has included prominent neuroscientists from around the world who have made major contributions to our current knowledge regarding how the brain works and shaped our clinical practice in neurology, neuropsychology, and speech pathology.
The Education Task Force of the INS developed a Video Archive Project to acknowledge and preserve these contributions. A series of short (20-30 minutes) interviews have been conducted with many prior INS Presidents. Interviewees are asked to provide a historical perspective on their career development including specific areas of research. In addition to providing a historical legacy, the project provides the INS community access to a number of our most thoughtful and successful colleagues. In this issue of the INS Newsletter we are pleased to provide access to interviews with Marcel Kinsbourne, MD and Elizabeth Warrington, PhD - with more to come in the future.
Current INS members can obtain free access to these videos by first logging into their account on the INS website and then visiting the Book and Journal Discounts page, where you can get the Discount Code for the Video Archive Project and then follow the link to the BizVision player. Register once, enter the Discount Code, and you can access both videos and can return as many times as you like.
Mark McCurdy, BA
Student Liaison Committee
An Update from the SLC Chair
The Student Liaison Committee's first annual INS Student Social game night was well-attended and roundly a success. Many thanks to APPCN for donating textbooks for our raffle!
The Student Liaison Committee was very excited about the student programming at this year's INS Annual Meeting. Many thanks go to all involved speakers. First, the SLC workshop on neuropsychology in the public domain featured talks from Dr. Robert Knight, Dr. Kathleen Haaland, and Dr. Erin Bigler. Next, Dr. Knight shared his experience with a very unique mentorship program, Frontiers for Young Minds, that pairs scientists with kids to create a peer reviewed journal. SLC also hosted an excellent panel discussion on international cross-cultural research considerations featuring Dr. Anita Sim, Dr. Jon Evans, Dr. Tedd Judd, and Dr. Robert Heaton.

Call for SLC representatives: Come be a be a part of this dynamic group of student leaders! Check for application instructions in the links listed below. We are currently seeking representatives for the following positions:
- Chair
- Member at Large
- Annual Meeting Program Representative
- Mid-Year Meeting Program Representative
- International Representative
- Communications & Outreach Representative

Become an INS SLC member today

Join the INS SLC listserv today

Join the INS SLC on Facebook today
Kathleen Haaland, PhD
From the Desk of a Past INS President
A Letter from Kathleen Haaland, PhD
As many of you may know right before the INS meeting in New Orleans, the US President signed an Executive Order Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States. As I said at the Business meeting, though we are unaware of any registrant being denied entry to the United States for our NOLA meeting. INS is strongly committed to the importance of free communication across national boundaries without restriction. Free communication is critical to the continued development of our understanding of brain-behavior relationships, which enhances our ability to provide services to our patients. As a result of this conviction, the 2017 INS Board of Governors sent a letter to the President asking him to rescind the executive order. For your information, over 150 scientific and professional organizations have voiced similar concerns.
Please click on the following link to view the letter to President Trump that was written to call on the government of the United States to rescind the Executive Order Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.
Kathleen Y. Haaland
Past-President, INS
February 14, 2017

Read Dr. Kathleen Haaland's full letter
Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer's Prevention
The Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer's Prevention (WRAP) is a longitudinal observational cohort study enriched with persons who may be at higher risk for Alzheimer's disease due to having a biological parent with AD. Since 2001, WRAP has enrolled 1500 people at a mean baseline age of 53, who are followed at regular intervals with detailed neuropsychological testing. The test battery emphasizes episodic memory and executive functions as measured by traditional tests and more contemporary computerized tests. Cognitive status is the primary outcome of this longitudinal study with the goal of identifying lifestyle and biological features that enhance resilience or increase risk of cognitive decline to mild cognitive impairment or dementia.

Read more information and watch selected clips
Meeting UpdatesUpdates
2018 INS Meeting Washington DC, Feb 14-17
Connecting the Present  
to the Future
2018 North American Meeting
Washington, DC
Please join us for the 46th Annual INS North American Meeting. We have many excellent events and speakers planned thanks to our 2018 Program Chair, Shawn McClintock. Look for the call for abstracts soon! This year, submission will open in mid-April and close on August 1st. Check out the confirmed plenary speakers:

Michael Kopelman

Miguel Nicolelis

V.S. Ramachandran

Sarah Lisanby

Mieke Verfallie

Update: 2017 North American Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana
Were you in attendance at the INS 2017 North American Meeting in NOLA? If so, you may have been caught in action by one of our photographers! Check out the new photo slideshow to see all the events, happenings, and familiar faces.

Check out the photo slideshow

Bring the INS Conference Home With You

See everything you missed at the 45th Annual Meeting! Interactive recordings feature the full audio of every session and are fully synchronized with a video of each speaker's slides. Available on DVD or USB flash drive. You can purchase individual sessions of interest, or get the entire meeting, on sale now for just $249 - for a limited time only! Click here for the special $249 price, or click here to purchase individual sessions.
2017 Mid-Year Meeting Cape Town, South Africa 7/5 - 7/8
2017 Mid-Year Meeting
Cape Town, South Africa
Connect with colleagues in Cape Town, South Africa! The Psychological Society of South Africa and the South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association will host the meeting from July 5-8th, 2017. Register today for the best price - the Early Registration Deadline is April 1st!

Visit INS online for more meeting information
2017 NRW Meeting
Kolkata, India
Other Meetings
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Workshop

Connect with colleagues in Cape Town, South Africa! The Psychological Society of South Africa and the South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association will be hosting the meeting from July 5-8th, 2017. 

Check out a photo of the NRW meeting
 Member Resources & Opportunities
Jon Evans, PhD
Funding Opportunities
Charles Matthews Fund
Former INS President Charles Matthews was a strong advocate for promoting neuropsychology across the globe. This award aims to support education and training activities such as workshops, meetings, and webinars in low- and middle-income countries. Funds can be used to sponsor travel expenses for speakers, technical costs, or other meeting expenses.
Please note that the application deadline is May 1st. If you have any questions please contact the Chair of the International Liaison Committee, Jon Evans, PhD »
Check out the Matthews Fund application
University of Warsaw
Research Opportunity
A Survey on Sensory Integration
Welcome to the survey on Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Sensory Integration (SI) therapy. The growing interest in this area triggers the vital need to systematize the knowledge about sensory processing processes and cater the growing needs of both parents and guardians of children with SPD and specialists. 
The survey consists of a few modules, each of them preceded by a short introduction. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes. You will be asked both closed-ended and open-ended questions - we would be grateful for extended answers. The gathered data will undergo qualitative and quantitative analysis, and the results will be published only in the form of collective conclusions. The research is part of a project at the Faculty of Psychology of University of Warsaw. If you would like to receive a report on the results, please leave your email address at the end of the survey.
Check out sensory integration survey online





Collaborates with the INS President, Program Committee Chair, and Office in the creation of the continuing education program for both the North American and Mid-Year meetings of the society.

Works to develop and enhance continuing education offerings for INS members and meeting attendees. 

Monitors and maintains compliance with APA guidelines for continuing education sponsorship.

Works with the editor of JINS, and manuscript authors, to create the JINS Online Continuing Education Program.




Starting April 1st, INS members will be able to receive a 30% discount on Elsevier Neuroscience text plus free worldwide shipping.

INS members can obtain free video-on-demand access to the INS Video Archive Project, featuring some of the most prominent and influential neuroscientists and neuropsychologists of the past fifty years.

Cambridge University Press has instituted a charge of $320 per color figure printed in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society (JINS). The publisher has agreed to waive this fee if the corresponding author is an INS member, as well as a 67% discount if the author wishes their JINS publication to be open access.
Position Postings
Looking to jump start or change your career? The INS jobs page is updated continually to reflect all the latest position postings, including:
University of Nebraska Medical Center
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Eisenhower Center or Jacksonville, FL
Bronson Methodist Hospital Neuroscience Center
Tuscon Center for Neurosciences
Visit the job postings page of the INS website

Continuing Education
Did you know that you could earn CE credits just by reading JINS? It's true! Good news: you could currently earn up to 40 continuing education credits. Even better news: if you're an INS member, you can enjoy a discounted price for those CE credits! Check out the INS website for more details on continuing education.
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