Certification for Continuing Education Courses
INS July 2020 Virtual Event
Available July 3, 2020

To obtain Continuing Education certificates for courses that you attended at the INS July 2020 Virtual Event:

Wednesday 1st July, 2020

1:00 am - 2:00 am
Andreas Monsch CE Workshop 1: Neuropsychological Aspects of Dementia (Monsch)
Christine Mrakotsky CE Workshop 2: Stroke in Neonates and Children: Ischemic Injury and Its Impact on Neurodevelopment (Mrakotsky)
Yana Suchy CE Workshop 3: Executive Functioning: A Function-Led Model of the construct (Suchy)
Unai Diaz-Orueta CE Workshop 4: How Virtual Reality Related Technology May Add Value to Neuropsychological Assessment (Diaz-Orueta)