INS 44th Annual Meeting: Boston 2015

Presenter Instructions

All speakers (including Plenary and CE Speakers and all presenters in Paper and Symposia Sessions) are required to check-in at the Speaker Ready Room at least ONE HOUR prior to their assigned session.

General Guidelines

Speakers are not permitted to use their own computers or devices for their presentation. Presenters will have access to a laptop, mouse, laser pointer, and microphone in each lecture hall. A technician will be available during open hours to upload speaker presentations to a central system. Speakers are strongly encouraged to check-in well in advance of their scheduled presentation, preferably the day before if possible. This will ease transitions between sessions where time is extremely tight.

Speaker Ready Room

Please stop by the Speaker Room, located in the FALMOUTH ROOM, during open hours listed below.

Wednesday, February 3 8–9 AM, 12–1 PM, and 3–5 PM
Thursday, February 4 8–10 AM and 12–4 PM
Friday, February 5 8–10 AM and 12–3:30 PM
Saturday, February 6 8 AM–12 PM

Instructions by Presentation Type

Paper Session Presenters

All presenters must report to the Speaker Ready Room to upload their presentation no later than one hour prior to their scheduled session.

Paper sessions vary in length and the number of presentations they contain. Depending on your session duration and number of authors, you will have between 10-18 minutes to present your paper, including time for introductions and transitions. A 10- to 15-minute discussion period will occur at the end of each session. Please refer to your original presenter instructions email or consult with the moderator for the specific timing of your session.

Each paper session has a moderator selected from the Program Committee, who will introduce each speaker, help solve any problems, and keep the session on time. Please help the moderator and be respectful of other authors by staying within your allotted time, as each session is under a strict time limitation.

Symposia Presenters

All symposium presenters must report to the Speaker Ready Room to upload their presentation no later than one hour prior to their scheduled session.

Symposia sessions range in length. It is up to the Symposium Chair’s discretion to divide the time amongst the individual abstracts, the discussant, and to allow time for audience discussion and questions. Please stay within the time allotted by the Symposium Chair, as each session is under strict time limits.

Poster Presenters

All poster sessions will take place in the Gloucester Hall on Level Three. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your session in order to mount your poster.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are presenting in a 9:00 AM session, please report to the poster hall at 8:20 AM to mount your poster for early viewing beginning at 8:30 AM. You do not need to remain with your poster after hanging it, but you must be there for the start of the session at 9:00 AM.

Please refer to the app or the final program in Section II of this book for your final Session Order, and then kindly mount your poster on the blue poster board labeled with the same number.

A volunteer will be available to distribute INS-approved velcro fasteners 10 minutes prior to the start of each poster session. NO other permanent fastening devices are permitted (such as tape, push pins, or staples).

The presenting author must be present at the poster session and should remain with the poster to entertain questions for the duration of the session.

Poster Symposia Presenters

All poster symposia will take place in the Gloucester Hall on Level Three.

Poster symposia occur during regular poster sessions, but are grouped together and positioned in such a way as to provide a cohesive presentation on their selected topic. Please follow the instructions above for Poster Presenters.