Hello Future Volunteers! As many of you know, INS 2022 is happening in New Orleans this year! We hope to see many of you there.

At every conference, INS seeks out trainee volunteers that would be interested in assisting the volunteer coordinators in making this wonderful conference succeed. This opportunity is amazing chance to network with professionals in the field and meet fellow trainees. We are looking for volunteers that would help make this conference run smoothly.

Here is some information regarding the responsibilities of what it means to volunteer at the conference.

Volunteer duties include pre-conference prep, proctoring CE workshops and plenary sessions, assisting with registration and check-in, facilitating poster and oral presentations, and other tasks as assigned.

This year, shifts will range from 5-6 hours. We are offering the following benefits to our volunteers:

  • 1 shift: Receive 1 free CE workshop
  • 2 shifts: Receive 2 free CE workshops and 1 meal voucher
  • 3 or more shifts: Receive 3 free CE workshops, 2 meal vouchers, & full registration refund.

We look forward hearing you from and wanting to work with us in creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

If you are interested in applying as a volunteer, Click Here:

Please direct questions to the INS 2022 volunteer coordinators at: volunteercoordinator@the-ins.org