Message from the 2019 INS Program Committee Chair

Neuropsychology is a melting pot, at the crossroads of neuroscience and behavioral health. To fully understand brain health and illness, we need to consider both neurobiological and psychological processes. We also need to consider developmental factors and the various environmental contexts within which individuals function. Drawing on these ideas, the theme for the 2019 Annual Meeting in New York City is: Embracing the Biopsychosocial Melting Pot. We welcome abstract submissions that represent the interdisciplinary nature of neuropsychology, as well as those that further our understanding of the brain-context relationships that help determine cognitive, emotional, social, and moral development and functioning. As always, we encourage submissions that offer unique insights into cognitive and affective neuroscience of healthy and disease states, innovations in behavioral measurement, and state-of-the-art treatment and rehabilitation approaches.
We couldn’t be more excited to be meeting in NYC, its own melting pot of people and cultures. We hope you’ll join us for a stellar scientific program and the virtually endless arts, cultural, and social opportunities that the Big Apple has to offer.

— Michael Kirkwood, Program Committee Chair

Program Committee Members
Vicki Anderson
Patrick Armistead-Jehle
Anne Arnett
Alex Bahar-Fuchs
Sarah Banks
Sallie Baxendale
Miriam H. Beauchamp
Madison Berl
Cady Block
Eva Bonda
Emily Briceno
Adam Brickman
Robyn Busch
Dominic Carone
Jennifer Cass
Jimmy Choi
Derin Cobia
Pamela Dean
Michael Dichiaro
Nyaz Didehbani
Jacobus Donders
Vonetta Dotson
Jonathan Evans
Rosemary Fama
Thomas Farrer
Anselm Fuermaier
Andrew Gardner
Katherine Gifford
Mary Gillis
Amanda Gooding
Roy Hamilton
Benjamin Hampstead
Duke Han
Frank Hillary
Robin Hilsabeck
Elise Hodges
Jennifer Janusz
Angela Jefferson
Mervi Jehkonen
Lisanne Jenkins
Maria Jonsdottir
Justin Karr
Bonita Klein-Tasman
Lenka Kramska
Scott Langenecker
Christian LoBue
Eileen Martin
Donel Martin
Shawn McClintock
Mark McCurdy
Lauren McGrath
Dawn Mechanic-Hamilton
Justin Miller
John Mizelle
Tanya Nguyen
Kyle Noll
Ozioma Okonkwo
Katie Osborn
Carolyn Parsey
Robin Peterson
Christine Petranovich
Dalin Pulsipher
Heidi Rossetti
Kelly Ryan
Patricia Rzezak
Bonnie Sachs
Sharon Sanz-Simon
Dawn Schiehser
Ryan Schroeder
Louisa Thompson
Emily Trittschuh
Angela Troyer
Frederick Unverzagt
Mieke Verfaellie
Kayci Vickers
Guy Vingerhoets
Karin Walsh
Jeffrey Wefel
Sara Weisenbach
Michael Williams
Ericka Wodka
Thomas Wodushek
Steven Woods
Martin Woon
Laura Zahodne
Molly Zimmerman

Social Events

Join us for the Welcome Reception in the Broadway Lounge, overlooking Times Square, on Wednesday, February 20th.