Hotel Accommodations
  • To book your hotel: Go to the Tourism and Accommodation tab of the Rio Meeting Page:, scroll down for suggested hotels and click to book your room. You’ll most likely need to click the USA flag at the top for English translation again (if you only see the Brazilian flag, hover over it or click it to see the USA flag). At the top of the page, choose the dates of your stay and then scroll down to choose your room.

  • All the suggested hotels are in Copacabana, which, is about a 25 minute subway ride to the SulAmerica Convention Center. There aren’t any suitable hotels in the vicinity of the convention center.

  • If you work at the VA (US. Veterans Affairs), due to their government firewall restrictions, you may not be able to access the booking page and/or book your hotel room via your work computers. You may need to do this from your home computer or a computer outside of the VA network.