Yana Suchy, Ph.D.
CE 3: Executive Functioning: A Function-Led Model of the construct
This workshop will provide a detailed overview of the Function-Led Model of executive functions. According to this model, executive functioning is comprised of four clinically meaningful subdomains, including executive cognitive functions, meta-tasking, initiation/maintenance, and response selection. For each subdomain, elemental neurocognitive processes, corresponding neuroanatomic underpinnings, and relevance to daily life will be detailed. Following a thorough exploration of the executive construct, typical clinical syndromes characterized by discrete patterns of executive dysfunction will be reviewed, highlighting behavioral, cognitive, and affective changes in daily life, as well as patient presentations during formal evaluations.
This workshop is designed to help you
  1. Demonstrate a thorough and clinically useful understanding of the construct of executive functioning.
  2. List elemental processes that comprise each of four subdomains of executive functioning.
  3. Describe individual neurobehavioral syndromes characterized by discrete patterns of executive dysfunction.