Unai Díaz-Orueta, Ph.D.
CE 4: How Virtual Reality Related Technology May Add Value to Neuropsychological Assessment
Using specific examples including within the domain of executive function, Dr. Diaz-Orueta will describe how virtual reality, as well as augmented environments and speech analytics can add value to neuropsychological assessment providing granular data on brain-behavior relationships. Populations to be discussed include children as well as older adults. Future directions to make the digitization of assessments more useful and complimentary to clinical neuropsychology will also be outlined.
This workshop is designed to help you
  1. List various technologies that may be used to augment clinical neuropsychological assessments.
  2. Describe the means by which granulated data on behavior may compliment more traditional paper-and-pencil testing.
  3. Critique the ways in which technology may need to be adapted for maximum benefit to neuropsychology.