Program Highlights


Keynote Speakers

Margaret O’Connor INS Presidential Address “Single Case Studies: What Patients Teach Us about Theories of the Mind”
Miriam Beauchamp, “Traumatic Brain Injury in Tiny Tots: How Studying Early Injuries Can Inform Testing, Treatment and Theory”
Georg Kranz, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover – Transgender Brains, and the Impact of Hormone Replacement”
Morten Kringelbach, Birch Lecture “Eudaimonia and Hedonia: Brain Systems for Thriving and Surviving”
Robert Stickgold, “Sleep, Memory and Dreams: A Neurocognitive Approach”
Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, “The Architecture of Functional Lateralization and Its Relationship to Callosal Connectivity in the Human Brain”

Specialty Presentations

COVID-19: a Global Threat to the Nervous System by Igor Koralnik
Conversation on COVID-19 – Moderator: Laura Hokkanen Discussants: Lucette Cysique and Emilia Łojek. Igor Koralnik to join the Q&A.
Cognitive Remediation: A Dynamic Conversation – Moderator: Jon Evans Presenters: Glenn Smith & Jill Winegardner
Epilepsy Across the LifespanSallie Baxendale, Suncica Sunny Lah, and Kees Braun

CE Workshop Speakers

Unai Díaz-OruetaHow Virtual Reality Related Technology May Add Value to Neuropsychological Assessment.
Andreas MonschNeuropsychological Aspects of Dementia
Christine MrakotskyStroke in Neonates and Children: Ischemic Injury and Its Impact on Neurodevelopment.
Yana SuchyExecutive Functioning: A Function-Led Model of the Construct.

Award Winners

Roy KesselsAwards Presentation
Wilhelm StrubreitherINS Lifetime Achievement Award in Education
Ritva LaaksonenINS Paul Satz Mentoring Career Award.
Mario A. ParraINS Benton Mid-Career Award
Vitoria PiaiINS Early Career Award
Julian M. SiebertINS Marit Korkman Award
Sebastian Boedeker, Vivian Kwan, Hanna Laakso, Adela F. Mazancova, Marie A. Nankoo, Ann Petersson, Francesca Roig-Coll & Alba Castells Sánchez,INS Student Research Awards