Virtual Event Schedule

Live Event Timing

ViennaJuly 1-25:00 PM9:00 PMCEST
LondonJuly 1-24:00 PM8:00 PMBST
New YorkJuly 1-211:00 AM3:00 PMEDT
Los AngelesJuly 1-28:00 AM12:00 PMPDT
MelbourneJuly 2-31:00 AM4:00 AMAEST

Live Event Schedule

Wednesday, July 1, 2020
5:00-5:30Event Welcome – Program Chairs & INS President
5:30-6:00INS Presidential Address – Margaret O’Connor, “Single Case Studies: What Patients Teach Us about Theories of the Mind”
6:00-6:55Birch Lecture – Morten Kringelbach, “Eudaimonia and Hedonia: Brain Systems for Thriving and Surviving”
7:00-7:55Keynote Speaker – Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, “The Architecture of Functional Lateralization and Its Relationship to Callosal Connectivity in the Human Brain”
8:00-9:00Keynote Speaker – Robert Stickgold, “Sleep, Memory and Dreams: A Neurocognitive Approach”
Thursday, July 2, 2020
5:00-5:55Keynote Speaker – Georg Kranz, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover – Transgender Brains, and the Impact of Hormone Replacement”
6:00-6:55Cognitive Remediation: A Dynamic Conversation – Moderator: Jon Evans Presenters: Glen Smith & Jill Winegardner
7:00-7:55Keynote Speaker – Miriam Beauchamp, “Traumatic Brain Injury in Tiny Tots: How Studying Early Injuries Can Inform Testing, Treatment and Theory”
8:00-9:00Conversation on COVID-19 – Moderator: Laura Hokkanen Discussants: Lucette Cysique and Emilia Łojek. Igor Koralnik to join the Q&A. Panel Discussion presented by the INS Student Liaison Committee & INS COVID SIG
9:00-9:15Closing Remarks – Program Chairs & INS President

On-Demand Program – Available July 1-31, 2020

Four Continuing Education Workshops (1.0 hours each) presented by:

  • Unai Díaz-Orueta – How Virtual Reality Related Technology May Add Value to Neuropsychological Assessment.
  • Andreas Monsch – Neuropsychological Aspects of Dementia
  • Christine Mrakotsky – Stroke in Neonates and Children: Ischemic Injury and Its Impact on Neurodevelopment.
  • Yana Suchy – Executive Functioning: A Function-Led Model of the Construct.
COVID-19: a Global Threat to the Nervous System by Igor Koralnik
Conversation on COVID-19 – Moderator: Laura Hokkanen Discussants: Lucette Cysique and Emilia Łojek. Igor Koralnik to join the Q&A.
Cognitive Remediation: A Dynamic Conversation – Moderator: Jon Evans Presenters: Glenn Smith & Jill Winegardner
Epilepsy Across the LifespanSallie Baxendale, Suncica Sunny Lah, and Kees Braun

Award Presentations and Speeches

Roy KesselsAwards Presentation
Wilhelm StrubreitherINS Lifetime Achievement Award in Education
Ritva LaaksonenINS Paul Satz Mentoring Career Award.
Mario A. ParraINS Benton Mid-Career Award
Vitoria PiaiINS Early Career Award
Julian M. SiebertINS Marit Korkman Award
Sebastian Boedeker, Vivian Kwan, Hanna Laakso, Adela F. Mazancova, Marie A. Nankoo, Ann Petersson, Francesca Roig-Coll & Alba Castells Sánchez,INS Student Research Awards

Symposia Presentations

Symposia 1It’s Al In the Body – The Role of Touch Experience in Neuropsychiatric Populations (Keizer)
Symposia 2CRATER Therapy, Neuropsychologically-Informed Psychotherapy with Embedded Cognitive Remediation for Adults with Mild Neurocognitive Impairment-Regardless of Etiology (Zeiner)
Symposia 3A Cross-Cultural Examination of Sports Concussion from Youth to Professional Athletes Across the Globe (Didehbani)
Symposia 4Examining the Validity of a Transnational Lifespan Ecologically-Valid Approach to the Assessment of Executive Functions (Jansari)
Symposia 5Understanding and Treating Progressive Hippocampal and Behavioural Deterioration in At Risk Populations (Green)

Poster Presentations

Poster Session 1Acquired Brain Injury; Concussion/Mild TBI; TBI
Poster Session 2Addiction; Drug/Toxin Disorders; Psychopharmacology
Poster Session 3ADHD; ASD; Learning Disabilities
Poster Session 4Aging; Dementia (AD & Non-AD); MCI; Memory Functions
Poster Session 5ssessment; Intervention; EF; Forensic Neuropsychology; Education
Poster Session 6Aphasia; Stroke; VCI; Visuospatial Functions
Poster Session 7Epilepsy; Movement Disorders; MS
Poster Session 8Emotional Functioning; Psychosis
Poster Session 9Behavioral Neurology; Neuroimaging; EEG; Neuromodulation
Poster Session 10Inclusion/Diversity; Cognitive Neuroscience; Medical/Neurological Disorders
Poster Session 11Cancer; Genetics; Infectious Disease; Other