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The International Neuropsychological Society will publish notices of job opportunities on its website. INS welcomes postings from any country or source, but reserves the right to decline any listing that does not conform to INS standards, principles and ethics. The Society neither warrants the factual aspects of postings nor endorses any listed position or employer.

Fees for Posting on the INS website:

Term Term Period Price
1–month Discounted (March – October) $ 100
2–months Discounted (March – October) $ 200
3–months Discounted (March – October) $ 250
1–month Standard (November – February) $ 130
2–months Standard (November – February) $ 260
3–months Standard (November – February) $ 325

We accept payment by check or credit card. Postings are limited to 350 words.

To place a posting on the INS website, please download and complete the INS Job Posting Request Form. Then, send the exact text for your posting in a Word document via email to

Positions will not be posted until payment is received in full. If you have any questions please contact

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