INS Committees

The International Neuropsychological Society has several permanent committees that exist to assist the Board of Governors with society operations, as well as ad hoc committees that are formed as needed. INS members are encouraged to become more involved in the Society by serving on INS permanent and ad-hoc committees.

If you are interested in becoming and INS committee member, please view available positions HERE.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact an INS committee chairperson listed below, or contact to inquire about ad-hoc committee opportunities.

Chair: Roy Kessels
The INS Awards Committee was created to recommend current and past INS members to the Board of Governors for the purpose of recognizing outstanding achievement in areas related to neuropsychology and recognizing significant contributions made to the INS.
Committee Members: Anna Egbert, Alberto Fernandez, Shawn McClintock, Jennie Ponsford
Continuing Education
Chair: Melissa Lamar
The International Neuropsychological Society is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The International Neuropsychological Society maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
Committee Members: Ondrej Bezdicek, Alberto Blanco, Teresa Burke, Rebecca Charlton, Stephen Correia, Unai Diaz-Orueta, Vonetta Dotson, Duke Han, Amy Jak, Scott Langenecker, Kevin Manning, María J. Marquine, Nancy Raitano Lee, Monica Rivera Mindt, Maria Schultheis, Preeti Sunderaraman, Rod Swenson, Reem Tarazi
Chair: Derin Cobia
Committee Members: Pamela Dean, Aparna Dutt, Natalie Grima, Ashok Jansari, Margaret O’Connor, J. Cobb Scott, David Tate
Chair: Ozioma Okonkwo
The INS Finance Committee serves as an advisory team to the INS Treasurer. The primary responsibility of the Finance Committee is to review and provide advice regarding revenue, investment, spending, and other INS fiscal matters as they arise.
Committee Members: Bruce Hermann, Marc Norman (Ex Officio) Olivier Piguet, Debora Scheffel
Global Engagement
Chair: Jon Evans
The mission of the INS Global Engagement Committee (GEC) is to support the development of neuropsychology throughout the world. Our particular focus is on regions of the world where neuropsychology is less well developed, including low-income and middle-income countries. Our programs include: the Charles Matthews International Neuropsychological Development Fund which sponsors speakers, meetings, and webinars in countries where neuropsychology is less well developed; a Research and Editing Consultant Program wherein INS members volunteer to work with colleagues aiming to develop research and publish in English language journals; an International Resources section which will provide information and links to freely available resources that may be useful to colleagues around the world; and a Book and Journal Depository which supports the provision of donated books and journals.
Committee Members: Omar Alhassoon, Alberto Fernandez, Skye McDonald, William Seidel, Mary Beth Spiznagel

Regional Representatives: Alia Ammar, Lucia Braga, Raymond Chan, Aparna Dutt, Hooi See Gan, Nai-Wen Guo, Jean Ikanga, Elizabeth Kera, Miriam Levav, Alexandre Machado, Leandro Malloy-Diniz, Lingani Mbakile-Mahlanza, Skye McDonald, Taina Nybo, Natalia Ojeda Del Pozo, Parisuth Sumransub
Membership Engagement
Chair: Julie Bobholz
The INS Membership Committee oversees newsletters of the society, the INSNET (published by the GEC), and member outreach.
Committee Members: Ondrej Bezdicek, Annelies Cramer, Matt Euler, Robin Green, Leandro Malloy-Diniz, Kalliopi Megari, Christine Mullen, Madison Niermeyer, Bonnie Sachs
Chair: Edward de Haan
The INS Publications Committee oversees the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society: JINS.
Committee Members: 
Science Committee
Chair: Lena Dobson
The Science Committee was founded in 2015 and oversee multiple areas, including the Special Interest Groups, INS Travel Awards, and global advocacy. The Committee work to prioritize and advance knowledge regarding appropriateness, validity, and generalizability of neuropsychology methods across international settings, especially in developing countries. Throughout the years, the Committee has developed, and offered, Travel Awards for students in developing countries. Our future goals include expanding global engagement, encouraging international networking, and increase research collaborations.
Committee Members: Anya Benitez, Naomi Chaytor, Breda Cullen, Nathan Hantke, Lenka Kramska, Holly Miskey, Rochele Paz Fonseca, Ruchika Prakash, Elizabeth Twamley
SIGs (Special Interest Groups)
Chair: Ruchika Prakash
INS special interest groups (SIGs) provide a forum for INS members with common interests to come together during INS meetings, for the purpose of sharing recent research, discussing professional issues, and interacting informally. SIG members also engage in various activities between meetings (e.g., list serves, newsletters). Currently, there are eight SIGs: NeuroCOVID, Sports Concussion, Oncology, Epilepsy, Brain Injury, SEC, Dementia, and Cultural. All INS members, including student and trainee members, are welcome to join a SIG. We look forward to hearing from you!
Committee Members: 
Student Liaison Committee
Co-Chair: Taylor Greif
Co-Chair: Taylor Jenkin
The mission of the INS Student Liaison Committee is to foster the professional development of students of neuropsychological sciences by promoting student contributions to the study of brain-behavioral relationships, addressing the academic and professional needs of students, and encouraging student leadership within the INS. The INS-SLC is a student-run organization which was formed in 2010.
Committee Members: Stacey Brothers, Aishani Desai, Fareshte Erani, Maxi Folmer, Josh Fox-Fuller, Kalliopi Megari
Social Media
Co-Chair: Anna Egbert
Co-Chair: Emma Rhodes
The Social Media Committee works to promote and amplify INS and its global membership via social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook. Our mission is to showcase the activities and scholarship of INS and its members, disseminate up to date INS news and announcements, and promote engagement with INS members and social media followers around the world.
Committee Members: Natalia Gawron, Ewa Malinowska