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CE credit(s) can be earned by listening to episodes of the Navigating Neuropsychology (NavNeuro) podcast, a partner of INS, and then passing an online evaluation for the selected podcast(s).

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apa-logo_white_screenThe International Neuropsychological Society is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The International Neuropsychological Society maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Instructions for Podcast CE:

  • To get started, select a podcast bundle or individual episode below to review the abstracts and learning objectives.
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  • You will be redirected to the NavNeuro website where you can download or stream the episode. You can also listen to episodes on all the major podcast platforms (Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc).
  • Each test contains several graded and ungraded questions. You will have two attempts to pass the online evaluation. If you do not pass either of your two attempts, you may re-purchase the test and try again.
  • Once you have passed the test, your CE certificate will automatically download to your computer (either to your downloads folder or another location, as determined by your computer's individual settings).

Podcasts Available for CE Credit:

To ensure current content of CE activities, podcasts that are made available for CE are no longer offered after approximately three years from their live date.

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Podcast Bundles

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Podcast Bundle Credit Hours
NavNeuro Bundle Package (Buy 5 get 1 free)Varies

Single Podcast Episodes

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Podcast Credit Hours
Episode: 17 | The Art and Science of Delivering Feedback - With Dr. Karen Postal (Part 1) (added: 2020-04-30) 1
Episode: 29 | The Art and Science of Delivering Feedback - With Dr. Karen Postal (Part 2) (added: 2020-04-30) 1
Episode: 41 | Teleneuropsychology - With Dr. Munro Cullum (added: 2020-04-30) 1.5
Episode: 15 | Interventional Neuropsychology: Compensatory Cognitive Training - With Dr. Beth Twamley (added: 2020-04-30) 1
Episodes: 03 & 04 | Neuroimaging and Neuropsychology, Friends or Foes? - With Dr. Steve Correia (Parts 1 and 2) (added: 2020-04-30) 1.5
Episode: 11 | The Human Microbiome and Mental Illness: The Gut-Brain Axis - With Dr. Tanya Nguyen (added: 2020-04-30) 1
Episodes: 31 & 32 | Biomarkers of Accelerated Aging in Severe Mental Illness - With Dr. Lisa Eyler (Parts 1 and 2) (added: 2020-04-30) 1.5
Episode: 09 | Electrical Injuries: Cognitive and Emotional Sequelae - with Dr. Neil Pliskin (added: 2020-04-30) 1
Episode 39 | Behavioral Interventions for Mild Cognitive Impairment - With Dr. Glenn Smith (added: 2020-06-12) 1
Episode 10 | Caregiver Burden: Prevalence, Assessment, and Treatment - with Dr. Geoff Tremont (added: 2020-06-12) 1
Episode 18 | Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - With Dr. Jeffrey Wozniak (added: 2020-07-06) 1
Episode 40 | The Effect of Opioid Use and Treatment on Cognition With Dr. Monica Rivera Mindt (added: 2020-07-06) 1
Episode 27 | Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury - With Dr. Keith Yeates (added: 2020-07-10) 1
Episode 30 | The NIH Toolbox - With Dr. Julie Hook (added: 2020-07-10) 1
Episode 33 | Neuropsychology 3.0 - With Dr. Robert Bilder (added: 2020-07-10) 1
Episode 19 | Redefining Alzheimer's Disease: Does Cognition Matter? - With Dr. Adam Brickman (added: 2020-07-10) 1
Episode 20 | The Interplay Between Cerebrovascular Disease and Alzheimer's Disease - With Dr. Adam Brickman (added: 2020-07-10) 1