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KBR is seeking to hire an Operational Psychologist to join their Behavioral Health and Performance Operations team at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Services are provided to astronauts, astronaut candidates, their families and to key mission personnel. The incumbent will perform job responsibilities in coordination with NASA’s Operational Psychologists and have key responsibilities supporting International Space Station missions, including pre-flight evaluation, training and preparation, in-flight monitoring and post-flight reintegration for ISS astronauts and their family members, and screening and support for spaceflight analog participants. This position also will provide services to key mission personnel and other ground-based personnel, such as Flight Surgeons and managers, and facilitate collaborations with internal, external and international partners. The incumbent will support developing operational concepts for optimizing behavioral health & performance of astronauts for NASA’s exploration mission planning.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Implement behavioral health countermeasures (e.g., selection, training, support) to psychological and environmental factors which challenge successful completion of space and spaceflight analog missions.
  • Provide pre-flight psychological training and preparation of crewmembers and families; in-flight monitoring and support of crewmembers’ behavioral health, well-being and performance; implementation of in-flight monitoring and countermeasures and post-flight repatriation and reintegration.
  • Provide behavioral health consultations to flight surgeons, managers and key mission and analogue personnel.
  • Provide training to astronauts and ground personnel in the psychological aspects of long-duration spaceflight.
  • Provide psychological assessment services to include cognitive and psychological testing, and diagnostic interviews with former astronauts to track the long-term cognitive and behavioral health impacts associated with the astronaut occupation. Document findings in coordination with Space Medicine Epidemiologists.


  • PhD in Clinical or Counseling Psychology from an APA accredited program and completion of an APA accredited internship. Other areas of Applied Psychology may be considered depending upon qualifications.
  • 3-5 years of post-degree/post-training job experience.
  • Licensed, or license eligible, in psychology in Texas
  • Experience in identifying, addressing and intervening in personal, family, environmental, and organizational issues that may detract from mission success.
  • Experience in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of cognitive assessment measures and/or neuropsychological tests in clinical or operational settings. Experience in selection, training, and operational support of high-performing personnel

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