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KBR is seeking to hire a Research Psychologist to join their Behavioral Health and Performance Laboratory team at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

The Scientist will facilitate ongoing studies; write proposals for directed studies and grant solicitations; and complete data analyses and prepare reports, journal articles, and presentations regarding the study results. The Scientist will assist in the management and execution of multiple Behavioral Health and Performance lab tasks to ensure the lab team produces high quality, implementable, and timely deliverables that help to reduce the risks associated with the behavioral health and performance of astronauts. Depending on skillset, the scientist may complete tasks in support of the Discipline Science for Human Research Program’s Human Factors Behavioral Performance Element and their research portfolio addressing Risks and Gaps for future space exploration missions.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Work with the NASA BHP Lab Lead to implement research activities related to behavioral health and performance spaceflight risks
  • Develop grant proposals in response to research calls from NASA or external funding organizations
  • Develop directed research proposals and support directed research in space flight analogs, available flight opportunities, and with medical and mission operations personnel
  • Analyze and interpret research and operational data, consulting with NASA statisticians for complex issues
  • Provide subject matter expertise for research design, methodologies, technologies, and assessments related to behavioral health and performance
  • Collaborate with a variety of contributors and stakeholders including BHP Operations personnel, flight surgeons, mission managers and a multidisciplinary team of personnel to effectively plan and execute the research plans
  • Assist updating NASA standards, and periodic review and update of human spaceflight risks related to behavioral health and performance
  • Depending on skillset:
    • Assist in preparing and implementing a program of behavioral research for addressing the Risks and Gaps that are part of the HFBP Element’s Behavioral Medicine (BMed) Risk
    • Assist in evaluating and prioritizing existing research for determining direction of future research needs of the HFBP discipline.


  • PhD and at least 3 years of experience in one of the following areas of psychology:
    • Neuropsychology, Clinical, Space Psychology, Physiological, Health Psychology, Behavioral Medicine

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